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Friday, 9/30/16

Back (sigh!) to politics. (1) The representational side of American culture (2) A Policy of Perfidy (3) Answer me these … Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/29/16

Nothing political for a change except in the broadest sense of polis. Certainly nothing partisan. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/28/16

All things considered, a surprisingly joyous romp though our current political swamp. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/27/16

The unchurched Evangelicals Punditry without patterns Sports and Politics What is “Christian Philosophy” for?

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Monday, 9/26/16

Just a few tidbits today. I’ve already got some weighter stuff in the pipe for later or tomorrow. Continue reading

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Saturday 9/24/16

Raise your hand if …; Yahoo! NOT!; The Unpollable Election; Right to Try; Michael “Peter Principle” Gerson Continue reading

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What is a man?

Rampant, free-associating ramble toward “Man up!” Continue reading

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Friday 9/23/16

Trump’s diverticulated tumor (It comes from folks who ought to know); Why some are voting for Trump; NYT editorial screwup; “It seemed like he knew me;” more Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/22/16

A true potpourri, from kiddie porn to infrastructure, with war, Whig mythology, and sacred chant among others thrown in. (Oh, yeah: What if Trump wins?) Continue reading

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Johnny Rotten

I’ve quarantined four Wednesday morning political items here, and now get them out to the cosmos for whatever they’re worth. Continue reading

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