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Monday, 8/30/15

Amnesty International’s legalization folly. What if Hillary implodes. How NYT celebrates Sunday. A true story from rural Oklahoma. Heaven & Hell. Continue reading

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Saturday, 8/29/15

Heavy on politics (especially the weasel-haired 20 car pile-up you just can’t ignore) with some religion and a defense of religion in politics. Continue reading

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Friday, 8/28/15

Universal franchise, The Bots of Ashley Madison County, finding things more important than science, Political Fatalism, and 2 religious tweets Continue reading

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Thursday, 8/27/15

Worse than Hitler Fear of death The water torture of infants Purdue’s high standards

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Tuesday, 8/25/15

Aquinas calls one centuries in advance; Horowitz calls one decades in advance; Seamless garments and AllLivesMatter; more. Continue reading

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Monday, 8/24/15

Avoiding error versus embracing truth, the end of untenable Evangelical doctrinal bonhomie, and four others between those bookends. Continue reading

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Sunday, 8/23/15

Better than their follies? The $75 tipping point Unctuous must be a tipping point, too It’s all process Westboro Baptist: not exactly “kiss-and-tell”

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Wednesday, 7/19/15

Quite a full house, with a few throwaway lines but more meaty stuff. Continue reading

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Sunday, 8/16/15

(1) “Church as hospital” isn’t a novel idea. (2) Did this Swiss Bishop really call for the death penalty for gay people? Of course not. Continue reading

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Saturday, 8/15/15

An original thought! Maybe two! Some other stuff, too, including an atheist convert’s take on Christian doctrine. Continue reading

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