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Leap Day 2016

Ready to smash things; The red herring flavored cupcake; Pure Tipsy bait; A new pseudo-Church in Phoenix Continue reading

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Friday, 2/26/16

I’m pretty pleased with this disparate collection. Just look at all those categories that fit! Continue reading

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Wednesday, 2/24/16

Three sublime, two that would be ridiculous were they not so scary. Continue reading

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Sunday, 2/21/16

Nothing terribly Sunday about this. What’s worth writing about; Sweet 16, Bitter Timing; A Regressive Revolution; Just soooo Newton County; Inarticulacy. Continue reading

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Friday 2/19/16

My cringer broke Pope and Trump Ted Cruz, drunken sailor Thursday’s most under-reported story Signs and wonders in the heavens Red, White, Blue and Bankrupt A guy can dream, can’t he?

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Thursday, 2/18/16

“If I have a right to respect, you have a duty to show it to me, and woe betide those who fail to do so. You must give it to me, good and hard, and I’ll search you out to get it.” Continue reading

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Tuesday, 2/16/16

Did Dubya lie us into war? Fact’s not quite stranger than fiction. Abstinence: Threat or Menace? Trump’s Justices. Scalia Fatigue. Continue reading

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Justice Scalia

Remembrances of a titan. Continue reading

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Saturday 2/13/16

Perpicacious Koran? Record high exonerations 2015. Magic & Science. Talking like ducks. “Frequently Bought Together”!? Continue reading

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Friday, 2/12/16

Tucker Carlson on Trump How to make a liberal The good old days Fallows vs. Kunstler Scott McConnell on Kasich

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