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Tuesday, 9/29/15

An Agent Orange way of thinking When politics precedes culture No easy road We return to vulgar normalcy From slander to diagnosis Atheism for Dummies Winning’s not what matters Value voters Oops! Premature publication Monday late afternoon. My bad.

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Sunday, 9/27/15

Little pitcher, big ears, broken heart Atheist Morality Theology worth smuggling Slacktivist blows it on inerrancy Consuming addictions Ideological Colonialism

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Fat Lady Serenades The Donald

It was hard to imagine Donald Trump making himself more absurd and contemptible, but he has managed to do it.

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Friday, 9/25/15

Our secular Christianish nation, at ease in dystopia, and 6 more. Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/24/15

A culture in love with the ability to lie to itself, the illusory middle class, the pedophile chic nose under the tent flap, Carly’s mistake, Papal Media Madness, 1 more. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/22/15

Another potpourri. Sorry. Maybe I’ll find a theme some day. Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/20/15

Much focus on religious freedom issues plus a troll adventure and a few others. Posted late-ish lest it ruin your Sunday morning. Continue reading

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Friday, 9/18/15

Challenging the rule of law I needed a trigger warning Why I’m not rushing to replace my iPhone Giving God time to heal Trump’s “Second Birth Certificate” looks bogus This book just evolved The character of our nation What pro-aborts … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/16/15

ACLU abandons Civil Liberties Transitions in moral codes Death is a lousy treatment Where is the conservative Christian Bernie Sanders? I need a Mr. Amos Only stupid objections Do Evangelicals love The Donald? Introducing Heterodox Academy

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Friends of Religious Liberty

It’s no secret that I’m: A former Evangelical A former Calvinist An Orthodox Christian Less known, I was a very strong student of constitutional law, including religious freedom (with which I was fascinated well before I went to law school) … Continue reading

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