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I have long felt in public policy as if I were shifting from one side of a tossing ship to the other, trying to stabilize it. That’s exactly the metaphor in which I thought about it, and I wondered if … Continue reading

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The autonomy ethic

My account isn’t working as expected this morning, so I’m posting this here: Justice Anthony Kennedy didn’t invent the shift from community to autonomy, but in 1992 he articulated it more crisply than anyone else: “At the heart of … Continue reading

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Gotcha #fail

Becket Fund didn’t fit WaPo’s script, so WaPo had some spinning to do. Continue reading

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Serendipity led me back to a blog of 8 years ago, which has aged well. Continue reading

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What I miss these days

After Obama’s opening remarks, CEO Eric Schmidt — who would later endorse Obama and campaign for him — joined him on stage to lead a long and wide-ranging Q&A. While much of the discussion focused on predictable subjects, in the … Continue reading

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Re-ordering desire

“How has your experience as an LGBT+ person been a unique source of blessing in your life?,” she asked. The responses may humble you. Okay, that click-baity paragraph (hyperlink deleted) is an artifact of when I thought this would be … Continue reading

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Why I’m not calling for Revolution

I cannot forgive or forget Trump’s praise for the most hideously totalitarian regime on the planet, for a bloodthirsty scion who conducts regular public hangings, keeps his subjects in a state of mind-control, holds hundreds of thousands in concentration camps, … Continue reading

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Don’t worry: There’s still a northern border

Trinity Western University holds traditional Christian teachings on marriage. Guess what happened when it wanted to open a law school. Continue reading

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An infinity of angles at which one falls

… and only one at which one stands. As others fall, some embattled Evangelicals are trying to find how to stand. Continue reading

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Why orthodox lay Catholics don’t trust their clergy on LGBT issues. Continue reading

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