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Glimmers of light at the end

Of course, nobody other than the Illuminati who created this fake pandemic knows what our future holds, but a couple of people have some lovely ideas that “resonate” with me: It has been a dramatic time. We have stopped and … Continue reading

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The times, they are a changin’

Things are changing, or at least have great potential to change very soon. Some really hate and want to thwart that. Continue reading

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Who is Cultural Proximate to the U.S.?

There is a genuine rift in conservative thought on immigration, illustrated by contrasting takes on the National Conservatism Conference speech of Amy Wax. Much of the commentary on Wax’s comments have been reactive in the bad sense, accusing her of … Continue reading

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Monday 9/17/18

Politics and religion. This is no dinner party. Continue reading

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Why I’m not calling for Revolution

I cannot forgive or forget Trump’s praise for the most hideously totalitarian regime on the planet, for a bloodthirsty scion who conducts regular public hangings, keeps his subjects in a state of mind-control, holds hundreds of thousands in concentration camps, … Continue reading

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Cold comfort

More efficacious than gun control nostrums or anodyne “thoughts and prayers.” Continue reading

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Tuesday, 10/24/17

Introduction to Unreality We’re (mostly) all relativists now Deadly political stasis Non sequitur of the day

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Wednesday, 10/11/17

“It’s grace.” Bob Corker Hollywood seismographs hoppin’ Reach exceeding grasp  

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Labor Day, 9/4/17

1 I heard a podcast homily Sunday that brought me up short. I have been fastidious about keeping politics out of Church — as in “don’t bring it up at coffee hour, and don’t join in if someone else does.” It’s … Continue reading

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Mélange 7/1/17

Cardinal Pell, the Devil’s due, cooperating on a healthcare Bill, the agony of defeat, SPLC’s hate list again, and the best leeches – GREAT leeches! Continue reading

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