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Culture warriors and traditores

Last time we danced this dance, the Donatists were mostly from the poorer classes, the traditores from higher classes. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 4/29/15

Four on sexuality issues that draw me like gawker at an Interstate pile-up, plus Yeats’ vindication and my inclination to cast a protest “abstain” Continue reading

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Fair play

“I feel that by forcing us to change our constitution of being a Christian makes me feel unsafe and restricted about practicing my beliefs,” said Ng. “I find the derecognization very unfair and it doesn’t consider the values of religious … Continue reading

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Where and how we live

Cities for People – or for Cars? AARP Livability Index

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Je suis un hérétique

We are the bad guys of the sexual revolution. We are the heretics of our time: We forbid when it is forbidden to forbid. Continue reading

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Wolf Hall Tolerance vignette Demolition’s so easy

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Cultural decline update 4/20/15

The corner turned by Dems in ’72 have ramified to where the time for the Benedict Option is now. Continue reading

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Saturday, 4/18/15

Lafayette Police reverting to the bad old days, the stupidity of interpreting laws by semiotics, what you get for $27K+ of day school tuition, and more. Continue reading

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Friday potpourri

Two on legal stuff (including revisiting levels of abstraction); SanFrancisco’s prominent Catholics take on the Faithful; and a false premise, with French refutation. Continue reading

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Machiavelli meets Alinsky. Are there any survivors?

Sniffing around the battlefield to see if there’s anyone left alive and salvageable now that Barack Hussein William Tecumseh Obama’s New Nuptials have passed through. Continue reading

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