Fair play

“I feel that by forcing us to change our constitution of being a Christian makes me feel unsafe and restricted about practicing my beliefs,” said Ng. “I find the derecognization very unfair and it doesn’t consider the values of religious groups or other groups that value traditions of leaders.”

(Katrina Ng, a Bible Study leader for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at San Jose State University, I believe) Eagle-eyed David Bernstein spotted (or someone finked on Ng) this first recorded instance of a Christian attempting the “unsafe” ploy.

I have a soft spot for IVCF, in which I was a student leader and where I met Mrs. Tipsy. Please, Brothers and Sisters, let’s not make this a trend. “Turnabout is fair play” only works where the other side wants to play fair.

* * * * *

“The remarks made in this essay do not represent scholarly research. They are intended as topical stimulations for conversation among intelligent and informed people.” (Gerhart Niemeyer)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.