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When confusion is the refuge of scoundrels

Steve Viars, a local Pastor, normally quite irenic, sort of lost it when gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson came to Purdue for a series of provocations. I say “sort of” because his response was uncharacteristically testy, plowed no new ground … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/30/13

Is the Church a “voluntary association”? IU versus Purdue The health benefits of real neighborhoods Ecumenical pro-lifers today

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Tuesday, 10/29/13

Prayer to St. Stephen (Colbert) Obstruction Unworkable pragmatism

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Monday, 10/28/13

Defending anachronism from reality Your Tax Dollars At Work Reading Meekly Creativity in the Seventies

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Lord’s Day 10/27/13

Not a reliable source, but …  Chastiphobia Calvinist-to-Orthodox Conversion A radical departure from traditional belief?

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Church unity

This started as a “share” with an Orthodox group on Facebook, but outgrew it. Frederica Mathewes-Green’s podcast thoughts on ecumenical Church unity, though gentle and irenic, amplify my own skepticism on the topic. Her primary focus is the desired unity … Continue reading

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Health, Education — and Welfare?

If you want to give your mind a workout today, pour a cup of coffee and read Patrick Deneen’s Health, Education—and Welfare? His launching point is that the twin crises of health care and higher education are extraordinary in their … Continue reading

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Thursday, 10/24/13

The New Spirituality Surrogacy in D.C. Surrogacy in Bethlehem Cast Thyself down “Full membership” by age 1?

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Wednesday, 10/23/13

Fecundophobia Halloween and other springboards Freedom of Religion/Freedom of Worship Honor your father and mother Pigs get fat; runts get trampled

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Tuesday, 10/22/13

Equivocation update Gospel of Ghoul The last thing I need is “anything I want” Attorney General Roper loses his license 1 I awoke Monday to an NPR story about same-sex couples in New Jersey starting to get married at Midnight. … Continue reading

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