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Saturday 9/3/16

False prophets of realpolitik Mother Teresa of Calcutta (and the NYT) Can Anxiety Beat Depression in November? The Party that cried wolf Getting Old: A Beginner’s Guide Just too much My “brother’s” new baby

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Wednesday, 5/6/15

Ran out of room in my template without finding a theme, unless it’s “seeking sanity in a world gone mad.” Continue reading

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Monday, 1/13/14

Chacun à son goût The Emperor’s New Clothes Just for fun

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Saturday, 11/2/13

And now, for something completely perverse Obligatory Obamacare posting The “V” Word Ted Cruz’s mother is ugly and dresses him funny

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Monday, 10/28/13

Defending anachronism from reality Your Tax Dollars At Work Reading Meekly Creativity in the Seventies

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Working past 65

I can’t help but notice the spate of glowing articles about people working past age 65. Both the business page (Gosh! Older workers can be very energetic and creative!) and page D-1 (“Who says you have to retire at 65?”) of … Continue reading

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Friday, August 16, 2013

“Literally” Regulating to death What I learned from Richard J. Mouw Assurance of Salvation – better than nothing Tolerable and intolerable homophobes Orthodox Distributism? I’ll see your identity politics and raise you a pity party

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Too much going on Surrogate families for seniors

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Eccentric politics

The Emperor’s New Clothes A Little Personal Perspective AgGag Science Beyond Materialism

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Friday, September 28, 2012

SYATP. All in a day’s work. ECT’s United Front. A pony and flying monkeys would be nice, too. Yeats was right.

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