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We have little of any pure free market. Much of what private business interests laud as “free markets” is a regulatory state where business manipulates regulators, tax credits and the like – i.e., State capitalism.

1 Holy Smokes! Tucker Carlson lit a long fuse and Michael Brendan Dougherty just ignited! Carlson pointed to the real molten fissure that is burbling sulfur on the American right. By doing so without ever mentioning the name, the character, … Continue reading

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Trump (and his supporters)

Trigger warning: Two challenges, one to Trump, another to his supporters. The first, from 2011, was purely non-political, as politician Trump wasn’t yet a thing. The second certainly isn’t from someone with Hillary sehnsucht. Continue reading

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A Clash of Huntingtons

Clashing civilizations and four more Continue reading

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Sunday 12/4/16

C.S. Lewis on the Tao; What the alt-right really means; The Chuck-It Bucket; Today’s Federalism Problem and a Bonus Continue reading

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Too Big to Beautify

Big business and big government are symbiotic, to the damage of human thriving. Continue reading

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Friday 2/19/16

My cringer broke Pope and Trump Ted Cruz, drunken sailor Thursday’s most under-reported story Signs and wonders in the heavens Red, White, Blue and Bankrupt A guy can dream, can’t he?

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Thursday, 2/18/16

“If I have a right to respect, you have a duty to show it to me, and woe betide those who fail to do so. You must give it to me, good and hard, and I’ll search you out to get it.” Continue reading

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Thursday, 1/7/16

Bureaucratic Unaccountability; Fear & Loathing at Cambridge: Dark skin, dark money: Damn racket update: Blind pig update; Better villains Continue reading

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Tuesday, 1/5/16

RFK’s seductive misappropriation Could this be good news in disguise? Public lands The novel virtue of going off half-cocked Brief, cynical legislative preview

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Nativity Eve

American Iconoclasm Islamophobia’s etiology What is Islam? Peacenik Prophet How old am I? Nada

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