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The main difference between Trump and his predecessors is that the professional class / deep state / neoliberal order / whatever-you-want-to-call-it is fluent in a language that imposes a kind of regulative fiction on that chaos. Their fluency gives them … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 2/11/19

Distinguishing narrative sh*t from Shinola, pro-Islam blather, socialist blather, the great moral crisis of our time, #TeslaFail and more. Continue reading

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How Conservatives are deviant

How Conservatives are deviant and other cantakerous push-back. Continue reading

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Plus ça change …

Anti-Catholicism never really seems to die in Protestantish America Continue reading

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Simpler than “as simple as possible”

We are back to Paul Valéry’s maxim: “Everything simple is false. Everything complex is unusable.” In the world of computer modeling, this is known as Bonini’s paradox: The more realistic a model is, the more it becomes as complex and … Continue reading

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I’ve been pretty hard on Evangelicals here and elsewhere in my internet and face-to-face utterances. That may change.

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Phobias coming all-too-soon

Occasionally, someone writes something very good, but with deep flaws. Such, it seems to me, is Joseph Pearce’s Does Love Have No Boundaries? at the Imaginative Conservative. I listened to Pearce for several hours in January at the Eighth Day … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Alchemy #Fail

With astounding cynicism, Democrats rushed to capitalize on dead teens, while ineffectually dragging out the same fatigued arguments they’ve been making since the Clinton era. (Kimberly Strassel, The GOP’s Gun Temptation, Wall Street Journal) Braun’s ad was a shock to … Continue reading

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Courtland Sykes, Republican “conservative”

[O]ne of his opponents for the Republican nomination, Courtland Sykes, … criticized feminists and career-focused women as “nail-biting manophobic hellbent feminist she-devils” and said he expected his fiancee to make dinner for him every night. A shameless alpha-male fornicator wants Republicans … Continue reading

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How to get what you want

[I]n a world of fluid, flexible rules, the people who get what they want are the ones who possess the aptitude and education that allow them to manipulate concepts and talk in nuanced ways. [Karl] Barth bullied his wife and … Continue reading

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