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Wherein Tipsy exhibits a little political retraint

Here I took all this time spewing stuff and then I go and delete it for the good of my reputation for sanity (and the good of my soul). I stand by the rest. Continue reading

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Pure Politics wrap up bonus

A full house of choice political commentary. We wallow in the written analysis so you can understand what you watched on TV. Continue reading

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Friday, 7/29/16

Today marks the 51st anniversary of my motorcycle accident. It’s also Charlie and Di’s anniversary. I thought you’d want to know. Enough of that: on with the snark! Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/28/16

Père Jacques, ora pro nobis. Tim Kaine & Donald Trump demolition jobs. Conscience and the very rule of law is on the line. And how about a little ISIS backlash? Continue reading

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Wednesday, 7/27/16

The newly-godless GOP leaves the Dems a rhetorical opening; why DT is the wrong guy for nationalists; Hatfield is bitter about McCoy; Tim LaHaye will ride no more; and CA’s assisted suicide law. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/26/16

Mostly politics, but not, I think, what you’re seeing everywhere else. Continue reading

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Sunday, 7/24/16

Samples of three recent blogs by Fr. Stephen Freeman, putting flesh on the “nominalism” and “realism” bones. Continue reading

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Just politics

Political gleanings from the past few days. Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/21/16

The weird and depressing GOP platform Obama picked the trans-potty fight Cheating is part of the rules XY: “systemic oppression of the highest order” The Donald, Lutheran?

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Monday, 7/18/16

Respect and authority Increase your word power Playing for all the Marbles Troparion to St. Bob the Dad Naked Emperor

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