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  2. ¿Que est lo mas servile?
  3. Gone to meddlin’!
  4. Historic, I tell you. Historic.
  5. Culture of Death Update
  6. The Problem is the Parents
  7. SOGI Hits the Heartland


Mainstream media are giddy over Obama’s Democrat Convention speech (but then they’re always giddy over his speeches).

My limited sampling of sane conservative takes is that it was really good rhetoric.


If you have no idea what Harsanyi is talking about, note this and that.


There’s a religious joke about a fire-and-brimstone sermon in Appalachia punctuated by enthusiastic shouts of “Amen!” until the preach lit into chewing tobacco. “Now you done stopped preachin’ and gone to meddlin’, preacher man!”

Over at the CIA and the National Security Agency headquarters, they must be really enjoying watching Democrats in Philadelphia squirm over WikiLeaks’s exposure of tens of thousands of internal Democratic Party emails. There’s a word for what is happening in the intelligence community:

Blowback …

WikiLeaks has finally crossed a “red line” (pun intended) that has earned it the Democrats’ outrage. Instead of targeting the CIA or the NSA, WikiLeaks has gone after an organization Democrats actually care about — the Democratic National Committee.

(Marc A. Thiessen)


I was in the hall on the historic night when Clinton won her historic nomination via a historic roll call of the states, with the historic final delegate tally being 2,838 votes for Clinton, 1,843 votes for Bernie Sanders, and — in what observers viewed as further evidence that the Russians have hacked into the Democratic party’s computers — 47,000 votes for Donald Trump. (Those votes were disqualified when it was determined that Trump is not a woman.)

Anyway, Hillary Clinton (who is a woman) will accept her nomination Thursday. It’s bound to be a highly emotional moment when she concludes her speech, and her family and friends gather around her on the podium, and everybody looks up in wonderment to see, descending from the rafters, instead of the traditional balloon drop, the Giant Steel Net of Unity, which will descend on the pro-Sanders delegations at what convention organizers have promised is “probably a safe speed.” Either way, it will be historic.

(Dave Barry)


Donald Trump’s supporters cheer when he praises torture, Hillary Clinton’s supporters cheer when her surrogates praise abortion. The culture of death rules us. We have chosen this.

(Rod Dreher, Cheering For Abortion)


I cannot tell you the number of people I’ve talked to — pastors and Christian teachers — who have told me, usually on background (meaning they don’t want to be quoted), that the biggest problem they face is parents. Parents who want their children to be Christian, but not if they (the parents) have to sacrifice in any way greater than writing a tuition check, and not if being a Christian interferes with the plans the parents have for the way the family lives, and the life they have mapped out for their children.

It’s not only parents. It’s crappy formation in both churches and religious schools. But parents are the prime religious educators of our children. We have to do better.

(Rod Dreher, Christian Parents Are The Problem) Note that. Barack Obama doesn’t rob your children of faith. Removing from government schools the fatuous little unitarian ditties they called “prayer” didn’t make it impossible for your kids to believe. Parents did it — and they do it at Christian Schools, too, when they throw themselves between administrators and Precious Snowflake who needs a real come to Jesus moment for bad behavior, but enablers mommy and daddy can’t believe it and threaten to withdraw if they don’t get their way.


My fair city is entertaining an ordinance amendment to put “gender identity” into our Human Relations Ordinance. It is, of course, misguided — but not for quite the same reasons that adding “sexual orientation” was misguided 23 years ago.

The “sexual orientation” amendments were almost purely symbolic. In multiple public meetings, only one credible first-hand complaint of “discrimination” was mentioned: that of a Purdue student whose off-campus apartment mates no longer wanted him to live with them after they (got nosy and) found his stash of gay porn. I guess you could call that “discrimination in housing,” but do you really want lay do-gooder commissioners clumsily hectoring the roommates over their wish?

The Gender Identity angle is dubious, first, because it defies definition. When challenged to define “sexual orientation” for the ordinance 23 years ago, the Civil Liberties Union readily came up with one. Just how broad is “gender identity?” Can it be defined? Shouldn’t it be?

I have little doubt that men who present publicly in women’s attire and make-up, or women who present butch and try to use the men’s room, are likely to suffer assault (physical confrontation with threat of violence) and battery (actual physical violence). I’ve read about such incidents and find them plausible, inexcusable and not unlikely in my fair city should similar, uh, provocation (or whatever) occur. Calling such crimes “discrimination,” though, is like failing to distinguish the vileness of Hustler from that of Playboy.

But the Ordinance deals with discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. Responding to criminal battery by passing an Ordinance to keep employers, landlords and innkeepers on edge seems like beating the dog whenever Mrs. Kissel breaks wind.

The usual religious freedom concerns will probably apply as well.

But I served my time in the culture wars. Let someone else fight this one.

I take comfort that our Human Relations Ordinance is substantially toothless — and that any business that supports the Chamber of Commerce, or worries that the NCAA or NBA or Tim Cook will think they’re ugly and their moms dress them funny if they don’t get on the SOGI bandwagon, are getting their just recompense if they end up hectored in the Human Relations Dock.

* * * * *

Today marks the 51st anniversary of my motorcycle accident. It’s also Charlie and Di’s anniversary. I thought you’d want to know.

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.

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