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May his tribe increase!

There’s often tension between prosecutors and private practitioners. From my private practitioner seat (divided between the local TV news and chats with other lawyers), it seems to me that prosecutors too often dehumanize the (women and) men they’re obliged to … Continue reading

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Church history (according to the Mormons)

Thanks to fellow-Orthodox blogger John, I discovered this Mormon version of Church history, for which I explicitly claim “fair use” and provide the obligatory link to the original. The basic storyline is this: “Regardless of the valiant efforts of Christ’s apostles … Continue reading

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Grants and Growth

Most of the nonprofit organizations I’ve been involved with over the last 30 years have been small, and not prominent, and thus not the recipients of much grant largess. So I’ve not thought a great deal about the grant process. But … Continue reading

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Who’s not a Christian?

Fr. Andrew S. Damick has started a new blog (in addition to Roads from Emmaus) titled Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy and tellingly subtitled “Doctrine Matters.” In a few short weeks, he’s had guest authors, has suggested that he wishes more people would call him … Continue reading

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Musings on Mitt’s Mormonism

Sunday’s Washington Post brings forth the latest establishment media hand-wringing on its own coverage of GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s Mormonism.* Of course, one cannot write about whether one should write about such things without discussing what LDS doctrines might … Continue reading

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