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Constrained, Unconstrained, repentant

I’m in the unusual position of needing to withdraw two tweets, with apologies and a bewildered shaking of my own head.

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Breaching the Wall

John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America, a former dean of Boston College Law School and co-author of “Religion and the Constitution,” had an excellent op-ed at the Washington Post Friday: For the government, what counts as Catholic? He likens the … Continue reading

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Too Catholic to be Coherent

Peter Leithart thinks closed communion isn’t nice.

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Ascension Day

Today is Ascension Day in the Orthodox Church. Ascension Day was last week in the Western Churches. But then you knew that already. You didn’t know that?! What religion are you?!

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G.K. Chesterton on Biblicism

Catholic writer/blogger Mark Shea today delivered up this Chestertonian gem, in response to a question about the Dan Brown-ish sort of “lost gospels” nonsense, and how Evangelicals who get a lot of book larnin’ are apt to throw over the Bible, … Continue reading

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Faiths, politics, prooftexts

D.G. Hart, one of the denizens of the Front Porch, has written a book “From Billy Graham to Sarah Palin: Evangelicals and the Betrayal of American Conservatism.” He makes a pretty good case that Evangelicals persist in considering themselves “conservative” … Continue reading

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Does Jesus support SSM?

There was a Tweet around midnight, linking to an open letter to the President from one Joe Carter, in a blog of Touchstone, a magazine with which I’ve had an on again, off again relationship over the years:

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Mourdock: Policy versus Principle

The Joe Donnelly camp came out swinging at Republican Senate nominee Richard Mourdock, arguing that his promise not to cooperate with Democrats is extreme and not in the national interest. Mourdock replied that it’s okay to compromise about policy, but … Continue reading

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Radical Monogamy

Father Thomas Hopko, Dean Emeritus of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary, has a fresh podcast with as clear, powerful, and convicting account as I can ever recall hearing on the Christian view of marriage. My outline, in tabular form, follows: 0:00 … Continue reading

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