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Young people are showing a strange attraction to socialism, as are many Christians who might have been expected to sustain [Michael] Novak’s philosophy of virtuous capitalism. The U.S. lacks leaders who combine prudence and moral vision. (Robert A. Sirico, What … Continue reading

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There’s plenty of mindless stuff on the web, to be sure, but drop your line in some holes and you’re likely to get a catch you can barely reel in. I got two of those, Wednesday, one geopolitical, one economic, … Continue reading

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Monday, 8/7/17

What’s wrong with the world (other than “I am”). Continue reading

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Tuesday 12/6/16

“Don’t say another word, Mitch.” It only empowers the hoaxers. Other provocations, including “Social ecology,” “When the source matters more than the truth” and “Making the tenant the landlord.” Continue reading

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Wednesday 11/23/16

Comfort for the logorrheic; Is this your lucky day?; The Truth about Post-Truth Politics: Like “racist” from SPLC; Another reason to love Mitch; Applied Distributism Continue reading

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Sunday 10/23/16

Good without God? Tipsy’s “Evangelicalism” Category gets a meaningful name change. And, of course, dread political hypocrisy and corruption. Continue reading

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Time to get off the hamster wheel. Continue reading

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Sataurday, 8/6/16

Putin’s “common core” and ours. Devolution’s half measures. Vlad the Chimera. Political date-setting is as dumb as prophetic date-setting. More. Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/28/16

Père Jacques, ora pro nobis. Tim Kaine & Donald Trump demolition jobs. Conscience and the very rule of law is on the line. And how about a little ISIS backlash? Continue reading

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Some Holiday or Other 2016

Four political items, including why I’m abandoning the major parties, gay marriage after a year, Banned Books Week and arguing with atheists. Continue reading

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