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Impressions of COVID-19

COVID-19 ramifies. Continue reading

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Enduring legacy

I am among those who appreciate Donald Trump’s judicial nominees, his defense of religious liberty (at least for compliant Christians; Muslims’ and Unitarian Universalists’ mileage may vary) and increasingly his immigration policy at its highest level of generality — especially … Continue reading

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Europe, Political Parties

Some original content for a change — not that there’s anything wrong with compiling worthy snippets and links, mind you. Continue reading

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The most radical guy in the race

I’m going to take the liberty (you can’t stop me) of pulling some quotes from David Brooks but re-arranging them. Only 18 percent of Americans say the federal government does the right thing most or nearly all of the time. … Continue reading

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Living by lies

Could it be that the foremost obligation of all sane people today is to resist all lies, loudly and unabashedly? Continue reading

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Shelby Steele on NFL & BLM

Stanford Historian and Hoover Institute Fellow Shelby Steele has a powerful essay in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, behind a pay wall, about the feckless NFL “take the knee” protests. He also touches on Black Lives Matter. You probably can get … Continue reading

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Gun Control

I began this blog many weeks ago, forgot it, but now finish in pared-down form. I wonder to what extent the visceral anger at “thoughts and prayers” is a way of expressing fear and anger at our inability to control … Continue reading

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Friday, 11/10/17

Quite a potpourri, from folk theodicy and folk Calvinism though gender reassignment and untreated mental illness. Continue reading

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There’s plenty of mindless stuff on the web, to be sure, but drop your line in some holes and you’re likely to get a catch you can barely reel in. I got two of those, Wednesday, one geopolitical, one economic, … Continue reading

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Hurricane Havey Tweets of note

I just can’t bring myself to even consider providing aid to any red state, let them clean up their own mess. — Charitable Humans (@CharitableHuman) August 26, 2017 Sadly, that is not even the worst thing the misnamed “CharitableHuman” … Continue reading

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