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When politics becomes a religion

Religionized politics bodes to kill us. And it’s substantially based on a lie. Continue reading

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1 Holy Smokes! Tucker Carlson lit a long fuse and Michael Brendan Dougherty just ignited! Carlson pointed to the real molten fissure that is burbling sulfur on the American right. By doing so without ever mentioning the name, the character, … Continue reading

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Trimmer callout

In foreign policy at least, Donald Trump is playing autocrat. What are we going to do about it? Continue reading

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Shelby Steele on NFL & BLM

Stanford Historian and Hoover Institute Fellow Shelby Steele has a powerful essay in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, behind a pay wall, about the feckless NFL “take the knee” protests. He also touches on Black Lives Matter. You probably can get … Continue reading

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Love of Country

[O]p-ed provocations notwithstanding, the 25th Amendment option isn’t happening — not without some major presidential deterioration in the midst of a major crisis, and probably not even then. And while I blame Republicans for a thousand things that brought us … Continue reading

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Hatchet-Job History

[I]nexcusably sloppy editorializing posing as scholarship has becoming increasingly characteristic of the conservative movement as a media phenomenon. Editorial opinions dressed up as as scholarship and then placed in book form and mass-marketed have become part of the new highbrow … Continue reading

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No true conservative …

I was pondering this quote, probably just going to put it in my personal journal with a pithy remark or two: Conservatism is what conservatives think, say, and do. As conservatives change—as much through the harsh fact of death and … Continue reading

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Saturday of an eventful week

This may set a record for categories and tags. I thought of splitting it, but it’s somewhat through-composed. Continue reading

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Slippery slopes, deep divisions

Slippery slopes, deep divisions and other realities of our day Continue reading

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American “leadership”

The Trump-McCain pissing match gets my juices flowing. Continue reading

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