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As if on cue, an example of today’s version of satanic banality. I’m really sticking my neck out on this, but here goes. But first, remember the conclusion to my latest blog when you parse “satanic”: The man who approaches … Continue reading

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Potpourri (mostly political) 9/25/18

1 I apologize if I’ve quoted this before, but I’m a retired lawyer, I’ve watched SCOTUS for decades, and I can’t stop mulling this over. Here goes: I can imagine two operative standards for a nominee in Kavanaugh’s shoes. One … Continue reading

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Creed and deed

Are Christian ethics separable from Christian doctrine? Continue reading

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The mind that dare not speak its name

The mind that dare not speak its name is what makes Albert Mohler interesting. Continue reading

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Monday, 11/27/17

A couple of things with a little substance plus some cut-and-paste fun items. Continue reading

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Tryptophan reading

The stuff I omitted in this morning’s post. Continue reading

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Monday, 9/18/17

Notably, NYT’s Ryan Liptak tries to do a fair job on the Masterpiece Cake case, and comes pretty close. More. Continue reading

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May the dogma live loudly within you

I’m learning that there’s a lot to rant about besides politics. Continue reading

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Friday, 8/11/17

Two from the news, two from deeper. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/6/17

Wretched excess in America; Due process banished from campus; The Return of Angelism; Race and IQ. Continue reading

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