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Organized Chaos

It’s daily clippings again, but I’ve gathered them under some headings. Continue reading

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Perverse rejoicing

With a provenance like the Wall Street Journal’s “Houses of Worship” opinion series and a title like Thank God, American Churches Are Dying, you’d be justified in expecting a mix of self-conscious perversity and unhealthy, un-reflective antecedent bias. Continue reading

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A real deal Christian on the left

Would that all become Orthodox Christians, but better by far to follow the Shane Claiborne path than to leave all semblance of Christianity. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/29/17

A potpourri, including some dot-connecting between Roy Moore and the Project Veritas failed sting. Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri 2

This may mean “no blog tomorrow.” We’ll see. Continue reading

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Tryptophan reading

The stuff I omitted in this morning’s post. Continue reading

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Thursday, 11/16/17

Fractal dysfunction Repudiating the perverted fringe Tutoring Congressman BlueBlazer McEntrepreneurship Trump is John McCain’s fault How certainty-seeking empowers predators No misfortune too great to bear Man up, boys!

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Waxing theological

Christian Smith’s “pervasive interpretive pluralism” and its critics. The traffic congestion at “the heart of the Gospel.” Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/23/17

I keep coming up with collections that only can be called potpourri or equivalent. Continue reading

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Albert Mohler and his guests

More excerpts and reflections from Albert Mohler’s fine “Thinking in Public” podcast. Continue reading

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