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A tale of two (learned) men

It’s infamously hard  to get a man to agree to something if his paycheck depends on it being false

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What liturgy’s forming you?

The common saying has it ack-bassward. What liturgy is forming you? Trump’s Syria hypocrisy. More. Continue reading

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Do Evangelicals Have What It Takes?

An apocalypse, any way you slice it. I was stunned at what Albert Mohler admitted. Continue reading

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Wednesday 1/25/17

Testing a theory: Day 1 — How to Vet a Judge — Guaranteed Pure — News of the Weird — The Left needs adversaries on the Left Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2016

Kristof and Keller; Pieper on Sophistry; Joel Salatin’s Benediction; Unpollable; Zero-Sum America Continue reading

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Friday 11/25/16

Pro forma spiritual “care”; No permanent failure; Diversity and Inclusion cant; The New Cargo Cult; #HRC_Fail (for a change); Down a fundy rabbit hole; Wyoming Catholic College Continue reading

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Wednesday 11/23/16

Comfort for the logorrheic; Is this your lucky day?; The Truth about Post-Truth Politics: Like “racist” from SPLC; Another reason to love Mitch; Applied Distributism Continue reading

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Sunday 10/23/16

Good without God? Tipsy’s “Evangelicalism” Category gets a meaningful name change. And, of course, dread political hypocrisy and corruption. Continue reading

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Friday 10/21/16

My sabbatical reminds me that some things are primary, others aren’t. But I’m still a citizen, hence back to work. Continue reading

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