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Sometimes, after a wrong start, you have to un-learn things. Continue reading

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Not just another warring Hobbesian voice

Force is not a tool of the Kingdom of God. Continue reading

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Neither Nor

Neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant, I nevertheless pay a lot of attention to both, because they are where the culturally significant religious action is in my homeland. Likewise, I pay attention to doings in the Republican and Democrat parties. The … Continue reading

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A life in a string of epiphanies

I’ve been blogging now for more than seven years, and religion has been a frequent topic. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never set out an orderly account of my religious pilgrimage or explained just what my beefs are with the Christian traditions … Continue reading

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Is it good for man to be alone?

It it good for man to be alone? Seems so, according to some. 7 other items. Continue reading

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Sunday 10/23/16

Good without God? Tipsy’s “Evangelicalism” Category gets a meaningful name change. And, of course, dread political hypocrisy and corruption. Continue reading

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Wednesday 8/17/16

A little light today in numbers, but I hope you’ll find it thought-provoking. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 8/9/16

The Anti-Discrimination Religion; Sewage and Wine; Dialogue; Essential, contingent and normal generic statements; Religious humanism’s bad odor. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 7/27/16

The newly-godless GOP leaves the Dems a rhetorical opening; why DT is the wrong guy for nationalists; Hatfield is bitter about McCoy; Tim LaHaye will ride no more; and CA’s assisted suicide law. Continue reading

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Sunday, 7/17/16

Morality asks what constitutes right action and why? Virtue asks what kind of person is able to think and act in a right way? Following the man of virtue. Continue reading

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