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This (sigh!) is as good as it gets

The conservative’s side of the United Methodist schism agreement is, alas, as good as it gets. Continue reading

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The Very Structure of Reality©

We now have a dismissive term, “demisexual,” for people whose libido is admirably channeled as libidos should be. Continue reading

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Heather MacDonald, Andrew Sullivan, and a bit from me. Continue reading

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Potpourri (mostly political) 9/25/18

1 I apologize if I’ve quoted this before, but I’m a retired lawyer, I’ve watched SCOTUS for decades, and I can’t stop mulling this over. Here goes: I can imagine two operative standards for a nominee in Kavanaugh’s shoes. One … Continue reading

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Hauerwasian “modernity” today

“… no story except the story they choose when they have no story.” Continue reading

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In pursuit, but barely

As I told you previously the more I see how other societies (d)evolve, the more I’m glad to be French, at least for now. But is that really “other” societies, or just some of them? The Sexual Revolution, the LGBT … Continue reading

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An injustice to people’s full humanity

More thoughts from the Eighth Day Symposium Friday and Saturday, and again from Ken Myers. Continue reading

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Filicide Tryptich

How to kill your children spiritually. Continue reading

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Saturday, 8/5/17

Stagnant versus permanent; two on trans; asymptotically approaching open border; my take on Trump, July 2011. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/6/17

Wretched excess in America; Due process banished from campus; The Return of Angelism; Race and IQ. Continue reading

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