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Imagine there’s no sovereignty

What if “secular,” “religious,” and “sovereignty” are not fundamental categories? Continue reading

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French scores a TKO

Sohrab Amari (Trumpist) picked a stupid fight with David French (Never Trumpist). The gist of [Sohrab] Ahmari’s argument is this: [David] French is a classical liberal, who argues in terms suited to classical liberalism. But classical liberalism is a dead … Continue reading

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Social collapse (and more)

You’d think that basic life skills would not be so easily forgotten …. Continue reading

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Sunday Tidbits 8/26/18

1 Michael Brendan Dougherty at National Review takes seriously two kinds of critics of “liberalism”: That political liberalism makes false promises, holding out the possibility of liberty and pluralism but ultimately demanding conformism. That it’s past time to give up … Continue reading

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Not just another warring Hobbesian voice

Force is not a tool of the Kingdom of God. Continue reading

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Impeccable (in a reptilian sort of way)

There’s been a run of commentary, mostly negative, about “Catholic Integralism.” Look it up if you don’t know, which isn’t unlikely. I had only the vaguest idea. Some younger Catholics in particular seem to be flirting with it. It may … Continue reading

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