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Gleaned from the Twittersphere, 8/27/17

Declinism Bringing us together Stating the obvious Stating the only slightly less obvious Boiler Up!

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Friday evening, 8/25/17

A potpourri, ranging from SPLC to Robert E. Lee to the Vatican and our southern border. Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Great expectations Licensed to Prattle Impeach? Then what? A good street for my flesh and blood

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Escape from ennui

[A]s James Baldwin put it, Americans were “afflicted by the world’s highest standard of living and what is probably the world’s most bewilderingly empty way of life.” (Pankaj Mishra, America, From Exceptionalism to Nihilism) That quote was new to me, … Continue reading

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Is Revelation Reasonable?

Is revelation reasonable? Distinguishing distinct things. Beauty & the Beast as gay propaganda. Diversity warring with democracy. More. Continue reading

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Saturday 1/28/17

Principalities and Powers First-class, primo political pocket-picking Publish in haste, repent, repent, repent, repent at leisure Pat Buchanan #Fail 1 in 4, give or take several orders of magnitude Just listen, jerkheads Dead, not vulgar, shoddy and debased A little … Continue reading

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Time to get off the hamster wheel. Continue reading

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What is a man?

Rampant, free-associating ramble toward “Man up!” Continue reading

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What is the essence of conservatism in America?

If con­servatives wish to remain true to their his­torical concerns, they should recognize as their adversary the Universal and Homoge­neous State. Continue reading

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Friday 8/19/16

Flagrant RFRA Abuse by ACLU — Flagrant intelligence insults by politicians — Don’t move your lips — Three things that cheered me — Religious doubt Continue reading

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