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Blue-Collar Lifeworks

Keep Craft Alive SkillsUSA H/T Kevin D. Williamson (possible paywall). See also Matthew Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft. That is all. * * * * * You can read most of my more impromptu stuff at here. It should work … Continue reading

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Friday Politics 9/14/18

Political potpourri Continue reading

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Urban dreams

New Urbanism has had its share of critics. Some … have criticized New Urbanism because many new developments built along its principles occupy higher price points in the real estate market. They tend to be exclusive and unaffordable. The high prices, … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/22/17

Would waiting for marriage give us warts on our hands and drive us insane? Continue reading

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Tuesday, 11/14/17

  Cartestian Christianity Whole souls Darwinian myths: not like other myths It’s been a great run Coriolanus as the republic drains away Especially grotesque vanity about virtue Hold, wait, do nothing Death rites

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Monday, 10/30/17

A potpourri with no common thread. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/19/17

Tipsy shows some restraint, but not enough to eschew congratulating himself on it. Continue reading

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Addendum, 8/11/17

Who ya’ gonna love? Corking Trump. Deposing Sundar Pichai. Human Guinea pigs, we is. Continue reading

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Potpourri 7/19/17

No real common theme that I can see. Just six (or eight, depending how you count) noteworthies. Continue reading

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Ephemera 7/10/17

Wherein Tipsy meanders and finally throws down a gauntlet before himself. Continue reading

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