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More miscellany, 3/25/20

Some argue that Christianophobia, which is an unreasonable hatred or anger towards Christians, does not exist but rather Christians are merely losing their privilege and being treated like everyone else. But given that the evidence that in academia individuals feel … Continue reading

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Second Circuit blows it

Zaniness at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals; fake conservatives at DOJ cheer. Continue reading

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Clippings and (a little) comment

1 Social media is the miasma of mimetic desire. If you post pictures of your summer vacation in Greece, you can expect your “friends” to post pictures from some other desirable destination. The photos of your dinner party will be … Continue reading

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The most radical guy in the race

I’m going to take the liberty (you can’t stop me) of pulling some quotes from David Brooks but re-arranging them. Only 18 percent of Americans say the federal government does the right thing most or nearly all of the time. … Continue reading

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Economic Civil War

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the Republicans have declared economic war on blue states: The new tax law’s limit on of the state and local deduction may pose a fiscal threat to high-tax states and their affluent taxpayers. But … Continue reading

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Not singing Kumbaya (and other bracing things)

Not singing Kumbaya; Left vs. Right; Stupid disruption; May the Mad Twitter King block dissent?; One of The Greats; How Federalism (sorta) works; Sacred Cows; When the fullness of the time had come

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Saint Valentine’s Day

If you’re among those fatigued by politics, this blog’s sub-optimal. As almost always, apart from irresistible nicknames, I’ve tried to focus on principled or vivid conservative-compatible opinion. Continue reading

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Saturday 12/17/16

Trump does the impossible; Syria in Navel-gazing, Tables, Prose; Picking our next fight; Not cut out for monasticism Continue reading

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Thursday 12/15/16

Mencken; Aleppo; The Script is Written, the suspects auditioning; Despotism and Donald Trump; In a counterfactual universe Continue reading

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Monday 12/12/16

Made for another world; Moral Panic; Portrait of the King; The working class; She knows how to handle that; Siri’s religion problem Continue reading

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