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Monday 8/14/17

Charlottesville Evil Cosplayer commentary The Judgment of History? How to get to Charlottesville Castro and Kim Jong-un Established A.D. 33

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A life in a string of epiphanies

I’ve been blogging now for more than seven years, and religion has been a frequent topic. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never set out an orderly account of my religious pilgrimage or explained just what my beefs are with the Christian traditions … Continue reading

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Tuesday 1/17/17

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin redux Chronicling a mid-life religious crisis Real Civil Liberties don’t get no respect Trump the Twitter-Tweetin’ Fool Is Trump the Heir of Reagan — or of LBJ? Deracinated Donald The Trump Dossier Eh? Was that a … Continue reading

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Quislings gotta quisle (and a more charitable explanation)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an Evangelical organization that played important roles in the college and young adult lives of both me and Mrs. Tipsy (this book, for one major instance, packed one of the pivotal epiphanies of my life as a Christian), … Continue reading

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Saturday, 2/6/16

Sustainability; Workers of the world unite!; The Wall Street/TBTF albatross; Proto-Concentration Camps; Reliable, relevant – and a product of the Church Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/9/15

The new moralistic agenda (I thought SCOTUS said you can’t base laws on morality!?), recanting on Kim Davis, and the onus of “humanism.” Still more, too. Continue reading

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Sunday, 8/23/15

Better than their follies? The $75 tipping point Unctuous must be a tipping point, too It’s all process Westboro Baptist: not exactly “kiss-and-tell”

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Sunday, 8/16/15

(1) “Church as hospital” isn’t a novel idea. (2) Did this Swiss Bishop really call for the death penalty for gay people? Of course not. Continue reading

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Friday, 1/30/15

Those who think the game “Telephone” is religiously illuminating are apt to think that July 4 is a Holy Day. Continue reading

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The mask becomes the face

If the mask becomes the face, into what will the Mormon mask of “mere Christianity” shape its face? Continue reading

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