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Wednesday, 9/21/16

Lobbing softballs at power
Obama hits a home run
The coming debate
So three ditzy mayors walk into the New York Times … Continue reading

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Tuesday 9/20/16

The Cold War is over; Who hacked up these human hairballs?; three views of Putin; setting the record straight; more … Continue reading

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One people, God, flag

Just one short item. Notice anything missing? Continue reading

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What is the essence of conservatism in America?

If con­servatives wish to remain true to their his­torical concerns, they should recognize as their adversary the Universal and Homoge­neous State. Continue reading

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Saturday 9/17/16

A More Perfect Absolutism; Why nobody trusts Hillary; Elist fat-cat inversion; Trump’s smartest unconstitutional proposal; No tar, feathers, or quality control. Continue reading

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Putin, Russia, and Russian Orthodoxy

Sometimes one might think this upcoming election is between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin, since Donald Trump has not concealed a measure of admiration for Putin and Hillary’s fans (including the press) have tried to hang Putin, like an albatross, … Continue reading

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Friday 9/16/16

NCAA hypocrisy, free-riding for the sake of faux moral purity, GMOs stumble, and, of course, sex — because sex famously sells. Continue reading

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Wednesday 9/14/16

A less-than-comprensive rundown on what’s wrong with the world, or at least the part where I live. Continue reading

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Dog returns to vomit

An old friend’s Trump sycophancy set me off. Four political rants. I can’t blame you for skipping them: Eisegetes for Trump; NeverTrump for Dummies; Trump’s no Hitler; And what if HRC?. Continue reading

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Monday 9/12/16

Finished reading a novel yesterday, so light (and late) blogging. I should do that more often. Continue reading

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