Dear Fr. Ivan …

Dear Fr. Ivan:
I am a convert to Orthodoxy — from Evangelical upbringing, then from Calvinism — some 13 years ago.  I was just certain that a few million Evangelicals would be eager to embrace Orthodoxy if only they heard about it. I sure was.
So I’ve been faithfully beating them over the head with it for 13 years, pointing out how stupid they are in one way or another.
I particularly thought that the accusation of “eclessiological relativism”  would be a wake-up call for people who pride themselves on avoiding relativism like a plague. No such luck.
Would it be okay if I stopped beating up on them and just prayed that Christ would have mercy on them, in His own way and in His own timing, instead?
Very truly yours,
Reader John

Dear Reader John:
How long did you say you’ve been Orthodox?  Did you ride the short bus to school? Wassamattayou, anyway?!
Oh: And have a blessed Nativity Fast, dummy.
+Fr. Ivan