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  1. Checking psychological junk
  2. Obama gives the GOP a Wedgie
  3. Boot-licking sycophants
  4. Perverse persistence of Papacy
  5. All About You
  6. “Classical” music
  7. Ronda Roussey knows better
  8. Naked Emperors


Time for the gander to get some saucing:

The Obama administration will tell all public schools today to let transgender students use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. The letter to school districts does not have the force of law, but it contains an implicit threat of possible lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.

(NYT, emphasis added) So, can schools post police at the door to ask not for birth certificate, but for proof of gender identity, so that the mere voyeurs can be excluded? Is that less Orwellian than asking for birth certificates of checking junk? Doesn’t this really mean anyone can use any bathroom, period, full stop?

Is it any wonder why tens of millions of voters are voting for two Presidential candidates who seem particularly likely to destroy the system we’ve got (with or without the ability to build a new order)?

God bless Texas:


E.J. Dionne and Reihan Salam agreed on All Things Considered Friday that the Obama Administration aggression on transgender issues is a political wedge issue hammered in by Obama.

Note that: Not a bona fide legal interpretation (that wasn’t even discussed). Simply a way, using the power of the Executive Branch, to split sane Republicans from insane Republicans on an issue where Democrats are almost unanimously insane.

Such political conniving under the guise of legal interpretation is beneath contemptible. Trump’s Teflon coating among his supporters has nothing on Obama’s. A Liberal with integrity should be incensed by this.

“Whenever liberals accuse conservatives of waging culture war, I think of things like this and wonder what kind of world they live in inside their heads.” (Rod Dreher)


A once great political movement that gave us Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley Jr., and Ronald Reagan—with all their gifts of insight, wit, and statesmanship—is now led by a conspiracy-mongering, demagogic, narcissistic loudmouth, championed by assorted boot-licking sycophants.

(Francis J. Beckwith, in preface to lambasting boot-licking sycophant Mike Huckabee, whose daughter has been employed by the Trump campaign for many months now and who won’t defend fellow-baptist Russell Moore from Trump Twitter attack).

I’d like to know whether Donald Trump, whose past “charity” was exclusively stuff like free golf rounds, gave actual money to Liberty University, whose President Jerry Falwell Jr. has enthusiastically endorsed him. Another reason for the conspiracy-mongering, demagogic, narcissistic loudmouth to disclose his tax returns.


The province has had to build a new wing to accommodate the numbers of young men, who are all of them notable for their orthodoxy, their bold and happy faith, and their being immersed in the intellectual life.

It was not supposed to be this way, of course. The Church of the Future was going to be utterly different from the ignorant old Church of the Dark Ages, those medieval times of contrition, chastity, intact families, straightforward catechism, the building of hundreds of thousands of schools and hospitals and orphanages and old folks’ homes all over the world, Lenten fasts, and May crownings, which ended at around 1959, followed by the Renaissance, which ended in 1978 with the election of Karol Wojtyla to the papacy. Then came the Great Backsliding into orthodoxy again ….

(Anthony Esolen, Buying the Right Toys from Faiths R Us

) Warning: This is a screed with several nifty conservative aphorisms.

Related to Faiths R Us:

“Every religion is equally valid.”  But most religions hold that not every religion is equally valid.  So if every religion is equally valid, then it is equally valid to deny that every religion is equally valid.  Let us give up the silly pretense of agreeing with everyone; courtesy and reason are enough.


J. Budziszewski, writing about social justice on his website, The Underground Thomist:

It is a trifle for the upper strata to promote sexual liberation; those who have money can shield themselves (to a degree, and for a while) from at least some of the consequences of loose sexuality. The working classes do not have that luxury. In a country like this one, serial cohabitation and childbearing outside of marriage contribute more to poverty, dependency, and inequality than a million greedy capitalists do.
Do you . . . really want to raise up the poor? Then do as the English Methodists did in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: First live the Commandments. Then go among the people and preach them. Start with the ones about marriage and family.
I do not say this is all you should do, but if you won’t even do so much as this, then the rest of your social justice talk is hypocritical. You may as well admit that it is all about you.

To which I say, Amen.

(R.R. Reno, hyperlink added)


It seems that everything I like listening to other than jazz is an undifferentiated mish-mash of “Classical” in the pea-brain of iTunes and the Apple databases behind it.

String quartets? “Classical,” not “Chamber,” let alone (God forbid) “Chamber Strings.”

Mozart’s Requiem? “Classical,” not “Choral” or “Mass.”

Chanticleer sining (mostly) Cole Porter? “Classical.”

I do so wish I hadn’t lost so many of my ripped MP3s in one of my computer shuffles. It’s a pain re-ripping — and re-classifying.


Because of how men and women are differently built–Fox, who was born a man, has larger hands, shoulders, bones, and muscle mass–a transgender opponent has a huge advantage. Because Fox transitioned her gender so recently, she still has many of the advantages that being a man has.

And, on Saturday night when Fox fought Brents, those advantages were very clearly on full display.

Already, criticism is mounting, both from MMA fighters and the greater public at large. Mixed martial arts champ, Ronda Rousey, has refused to fight Fox over her “unfair advantage.”

(Transgender “Female” MMA Fighter Brutally Injures Female Opponent)


Naked Emperors

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“In learning as in traveling and, of course, in lovemaking, all the charm lies in not coming too quickly to the point, but in meandering around for a while.” (Eva Brann)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.

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