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The Cyruses we need

The sexuality scholars of the time fancied themselves edgy characters exploding bourgeois norms. They took pleasure in deriding older scholars, the “dead wood” who devoted their careers to such square projects as the Standard Edition of John Dryden. They, by … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 12/22/18

Lacking anything better to do, Senate takes “corrective action” against nation’s dead great-grandparents. More … Continue reading

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Heather MacDonald, Andrew Sullivan, and a bit from me. Continue reading

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Sunday, 12/10/17

A little late because I decided to delete some same-old same-old political rants. Continue reading

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Preferential option for the powerful?

Haven’t been very enthused about blogging this week. Here’s three items that kind of intrigued me. Continue reading

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Put on your thinking cap

Shameless borrowings on sundry topics with heavy credit to Mars Hill Audio. Thinking cap required for several. Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/7/16

ADF rips a page from the ACLU playbook; Trump can’t capitalize on Hillary’s horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad day; a pandemic rhetorical fallacy; three more. Continue reading

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Hodge-Podge, 6/18/16

An unusual and varied collection today, from the No true Scotsman fallacy to a call for wholesale Christian conscientious objection IF …. Continue reading

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George Will: libertarian ideologue Apple’s bitter taste Fool or deceiver? How extrapolation works

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Friday, 6/26/15

Mostly sharing the bon mots of others – Chesteron, Robert Penn Warren, Walker Percy — even Rod Dreher Continue reading

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