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Wednesday, 3/12/14

Four tidbits, but the first one links to an eye-opening article and the last one could support hours of reflection. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 3/11/14

I recommend two articles today as meriting your own reading and reflection – not just skimming. I’m grateful to both authors. Continue reading

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Monday, 3/10/14

Claes Ryn on what’s wrong with conservatism (all politics, no culture), New York Times on the CAFO/Human Obesity nexus, and NYT missing the porn/human trafficking nexus. Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri, 3/8/14

Trying to stay on a Lenten track without being totally blindered to what’s going on in the news. You won’t miss much skipping 3-5. Continue reading

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Friday, 3/7/14

Four snippets (Lenten emphasis) on Christian faith, one of politics, and one on an appalling Walt Whitman poem (maybe I just don’t get it) Continue reading

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Thursday 3/6/14

Conor Friedersdorf vs. Mark Joseph Stern on the cultural issue du jour, plus limited admiration for Obama, the minefields of academia, ecclesiology litmus tests, Biblicist economics, and academic freedom as entrenched liberalism. Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday Bonus Edition

Orthodox Lent began Monday, but Wednesday’s Western “Ash Wednesday” brought some worthy reflections on Eliot and Rossetti Lenten poetry. It also has produced a characteristcally post-modern trivialization. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 3/5/14

What law does sin violate, great moments in foreign policy restraint, Kum-Ba-Ya Ecumenism, and a Monk from the distant future prophesies of our age. Continue reading

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Sunday, 3/9/14

Sing. Dance. Repent. Words like barnacles Turning Progressives Into Conservatives The short version

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Where do those “Streets of Gold” Lead?

Talk of heaven as “Pearly Gates” and “Streets of Gold” has largely given way in popular culture to sentimentality about family reunions. The older version at least had the virtue of some tenuous scriptural roots and as being kind of … Continue reading

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