Interlochen Center for the Arts

I need to think on good, kind, pure and “of good report” things after my last rant. An incident this evening makes that easy.

A few hours ago, the phone rang. My wife, upstairs, answered and directly called my name down the stairs that it was for me.

I knew it was going to be a charity or a “would you hold for an important recorded message  Grand Poobah Sen. Slicksy from Southern North Dakota?” political pitch. Indiana’s no-call law has reduced to naught the commercial cold-calls, but charities and politicians are bidding to fill the gap.

I was ready to give half an earful to any charity and a full earful to any actual, live politician. But instead of Boopsy or Biff, Sophomore scholarship recipients at (name any of the too-numerous schools I’ve attended), I got a mature voice that wasn’t reading from a script. He thanked me for past gifts – and it sounded sincere. He offered to tell me where they’d gone: 100% for scholarship aid. Not for buildings, or new air conditioning, let alone to pay the gas and light bills, but directly to scholarships. Nearly $7 million last year.

Before we were done, he asked about my interests, made recommendations he thought I might enjoy, and thanked me again. He’s just two years younger than me. Oh yeah: he asked for $100. Not for him, of course.

And which of my schools was this? None. It was the Interlochen Arts Academy, part of the Interlochen Center for the Arts, not in Sourthen North Dakota, but in “upper lower peninsula” Michigan. I never attended. I was never, in all likelihood, gifted enough. And I wasn’t bad.

Interlochen has been around, at least in germ form, since 1927, opening in 1928. It now has the original Summer Arts Camp, a residential boarding school focused on art, music, dance and drama, a Summer Adult Arts Program (Alas! Still no adult choral program! I’ve got to ease up on the bangers! Oop! Oops again!.), and a Summer Arts Festival with featured artists to die for:

  • Sheryl Crow
  • Moody Blues
  • Bela Fleck, Zakhir Hussain and Edgar Meyer together
  • The Capital Steps
  • Oh, heck. Click the link and look for yourself.

The climate up there is a nice break from Indiana Summers – cooler and much drier. There are nearby wineries, boutiques, scenery, parks, dunes. I know at least one talented Lafayette girl who went up there to the Academy a few years ago, despite her Mother’s and stepfather’s modest means.

I may just do better than $100.

And now I need to Google his recommendations: Frank Ferko and Alfred Schnittke.

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