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Islam versus Christianity Old sweaters and hard cases

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Distilled advice from Wendell Berry. Who fired first? Can you understand this wisdom? What liberals fret about. Port William lives! Can Muslims really get away with anything?

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Bare breasts good, burqas bad

The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson explains, in terms I 95% agree with, why Europe’s burqa bans are a bad idea: Belgium is moving toward a total ban on face-covering veils in public. Italian police recently fined a woman for wearing … Continue reading

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Faces, Burquas and Decolletage

There’s a bill in France proposing that “no one can wear a garment intended to hide the face in the public space”. Unless it’s a fashion show, I guess: The good folks over at Mercator.net ask if what’s going on … Continue reading

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Franklin Graham

There is a kerfuffle about Franklin Graham being excluded from some upcoming government-sponsored events because of his criticism of Islam as “evil” (not my scare quotes; I unequivocally believe in evil). For instance, testosterone-crazed Doug Giles rails here against the … Continue reading

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Is Islam as ascendant as some fear?

A recent convert to Orthodoxy from Islam says it isn’t, here and here.

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