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Young people are showing a strange attraction to socialism, as are many Christians who might have been expected to sustain [Michael] Novak’s philosophy of virtuous capitalism. The U.S. lacks leaders who combine prudence and moral vision. (Robert A. Sirico, What … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 11/22/17

Would waiting for marriage give us warts on our hands and drive us insane? Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/3/17

Law of Merited Impossibility Update No enemies on the Right? Cardinal Sarah is a Mensch The Left awakens, slowly, to the Alt-Left Will Houston hurt more than N’Awlins? Made IN

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Wednesday, 8/23/17

I’m justifiably hard on some people today, including at least three smacks at the press. Continue reading

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Friday, 8/18/17

Grand Rapids’ Lutheran Work Ethic? Fortunatdly, not all seven items today are so risible. Continue reading

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Addendum, 8/11/17

Who ya’ gonna love? Corking Trump. Deposing Sundar Pichai. Human Guinea pigs, we is. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 8/9/17

Skip to #4 if you can’t take any more GoogleMemo, even really good stuff: 4. Mama didn’t flinch. 5. Glen Campbell didn’t flinch, either. More … Continue reading

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A Clash of Huntingtons

Clashing civilizations and four more Continue reading

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Mélange 7/18/17

Sentimental reactions Bernard of Clairveaux’s Jihad Invoking intersectionality A quicky on depression Living in a pratfall paradise Gaining soul, losing world

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Getting in our faces

Lives of consumption and spectacle; Word of the day: temporizing: Bring back this bumper sticker! Getting in our faces

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