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  1. Ben Carson and the Press
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Paul Ryan
  4. Minor perverts
  5. Tipping is Marxist?


For the record, I think that had they not been disarmed by the Nazis previously, the Jews of Warsaw would have fared better in the Warsaw ghetto uprising. And the liberal media assumption that Ben Carson is utterly beyond the pale for that part of his Nazi Germany talk is part of what “makes me crazy” (in the sense of baffling and frustrating me, not in the sense that the media apply to Carson).


“I just don’t like the guy.” (George W. Bush, spoken of Ted Cruz, via Frank Bruni)

He described Cruz as cynically opportunistic and self-serving. And this assessment was so starkly at odds with Bush’s anodyne, even warm, remarks about other Republican presidential candidates that listeners were stunned, wrote Politico’s Eli Stokols.


Representative Paul D. Ryan is waiting for his Republican colleagues to decide if they will agree to conditions he set for serving as speaker of the House.

In private talks Tuesday night, he called for more focus on communicating the party’s message, and for an end to the antics of “bomb throwers and hand wringers,” according to lawmakers in the room.

(NYT Daily Briefing) Obviously, Ryan still wants to avoid the hit to his family life or he would not have set an impossible condition like that.


Indiana State Police are warning of a police impersonator in My Fair City. He targets women.

This takes me back many decades, when each of two music teachers in my Junior High School had problems. The band director (who was excellent) lost his job, and presumably his career, over some sexual encounter with a female student.

He was the lucky one. The orchestra director turned out to be a police impersonator who apparently got a sexual kick just by dominating women that way. That’s almost as humiliating as swimming in the cesspool of unmoderated comments on the current story.


Someone described the (overhyped?) trend of high-end restaurants to end tipping and raise prices as Marxist, apparently meaning that good servers won’t get rewarded as much as they should and bad servers will get more than they should.


That the trend might be making a virtue of necessity (finding a way to pay otherwise business-depressing localized minimum wage increases) is a more interesting theory.

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