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Saturday, 10/1/16

Lost in the Cosmos — Is Donald Trump successful? — Gloom, despair and agony on me … — Stuck in The Shallows — Zir Majesty — Shy police? Continue reading

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Friday 8/26/16

Faith healers and psychics
Salvation by Salvation by Faith Alone
The Lottery of Indecency
Warning against Trigger Warnings
Two takes on the Epi-Pen kerfuffle Continue reading

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Wednesday, 6/1/16

No politics! At least not explicit politics! But I still find some things to rant and rave about. Continue reading

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Friday 2/19/16

My cringer broke Pope and Trump Ted Cruz, drunken sailor Thursday’s most under-reported story Signs and wonders in the heavens Red, White, Blue and Bankrupt A guy can dream, can’t he?

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Tuesday, 8/11/15

A real rarity: a sane Christian allowed to speak sanely without interruption. I do so love PBS (relatively speaking). Four lesser notables, including PP. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 8/4/15

ART that only a libertarian could love
The prophetic vocation
What’s wrong with the sting videos?
Audacious lying and posturing
Giving The Donald his due Continue reading

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Friday, 9/19/14

Palestinian Christians, all the way back Whittaker Chambers explains the fall of Rome Religious Freedom, Indivisible Intrepid Journalist in the cesspool Miley, Nicki and the NFL Too small for a republic, too big for an asylum

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Friday, 8/29/14

What is Christianity for? A bestiary of heresy Turning a blind eye because Our Kind of People don’t see this A change of (intertwined) culture Everything you need to know about celibacy

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Saturday, 5/10/14

What censors miss TED for Evangelicals Children’s verse or straight reportage? #BringBackOurGirls What ‘00s Boy Band are you? The seasons of life

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Potpourri, 2/19/14

Patriotic, populist, nationalist Woohoo! Shariah Week! Sensationalism slimes us Calling a spade a spade

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