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Thursday 2/16/17

Sorry to be in such a cynical mood. If you’re politically fatigued, read the first item and skip the rest — though it’s not railing against Trump today. Continue reading

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Wednesday 2/15/17

Draining the Swamp?; On political blogging on Trump’s Administration; This is conservative?!; Deep state takes a scalp; A narcissism distinction Continue reading

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Saint Valentine’s Day

If you’re among those fatigued by politics, this blog’s sub-optimal. As almost always, apart from irresistible nicknames, I’ve tried to focus on principled or vivid conservative-compatible opinion. Continue reading

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A bonus if you’re not already exhausted by Trump Outrage Fatigue. Continue reading

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Stifling the Great Conversation

Stifling the Great Conversation and six more Continue reading

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Saturday 2/11/17

Where’s Dean Acheson when we need him?; “Sound Eisegesis” and the Free Speech Fairness Act; The Central Evil of Torture; What gift for Trump?; Besetting rhetorical sins Continue reading

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Hoist by his own petard

I’m all over the Mad Twitter King, but from concern for the nation. That doesn’t mean that every enemy of his is our friend, though. There’s a whole lot not to like about the precedent of courts overruling the President on … Continue reading

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Do Evangelicals Have What It Takes?

An apocalypse, any way you slice it. I was stunned at what Albert Mohler admitted. Continue reading

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Thursday 2/9/17

The greatest pleasure; Closing your audience’s eyes and ears; L’affaire Milo; The defense spending red herring; Yes, the web is seamless, but …; Islamic chastity; L’affaire DeVos; Trump at the Prayer Breakfast (Dream Version) Continue reading

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Wednesday 2/8/17

The Waterbeetle of Politics: American Exceptionalism; Natural Law and Textualism; What’s the matter with Kansas? Continue reading

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