Monday, 8/28/17

  1. Status report
  2. Selective indignation
  3. Breitbart: no more for me
  4. Update and apology
  5. Strange times


I’ve begun keeping a Day One journal. I don’t really know how that will affect my blogging, but it feels so far as if it may decrease it.

I’ll continue trying to share especially remarkable analysis by others and such thoughts of my own as seem worthy — or to repent of formerly expressed unworthy thoughts.


On selective indignation against historic figures who held attitudes we today should see as racist:

[Margaret] Sanger is commonly described as a nurse, a reformer, and an advocate for the poor.  One writer calls her “the working-class radical who did more for twentieth-century women than any politician, male or female.”  Her bust occupies a prominent place in the Smithsonian Institution’s Struggle for Justice exhibit.  Her statue is displayed prominently in Boston’s Old South Meeting House, which is part of the Freedom Trail.  It forms part of the Voices of Protest exhibit.

Yes, she could certainly be called a Voice of Protest.  She strongly protested the great many people of the planet whom she considered unfit.  She was a racist, a vociferous opponent of charity, and an advocate of controlled human breeding.

Since her defenders say these are ungrounded smears, let us take a moment to document the facts.  All of the documents are online, so you can check me if you wish.

“The reproductive impulse” is “in continual conflict with our economic, political settlements, race adjustments and the like.” — The Pivot of Civilization.

“Under such circumstances we can hope that the “melting pot” will refine.  We shall see that it will save the precious metals of racial culture, fused into an amalgam of physical perfection, mental strength and spiritual progress.” — Women and the New Race.

Hmm.  What do you suppose the lady meant by “race adjustments,” and by “refining” the melting pot to purify “the precious metals of racial culture”?

Give up?  Here are some clues.

Sanger wrote, “The lower down in the scale of human development we go, the less sexual control we find.  It is said the aboriginal Australian, the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development, has so little sexual control that police authority alone prevents him from obtaining sexual satisfaction on the streets.” — What Every Girl Should Know (1912-1913).

In 1926, Sanger spoke to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan at Silver Lake, New Jersey, because “always to me any aroused group is a good group.”  The event was a great success, and “A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.  The conversation went on and on.”  An Autobiography (1938).

After Lothrop Stoddard proposed in his book The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1920) that “Just as we isolate bacterial invasions, and starve out the bacteria by limiting the area and amount of their food-supply, so we can compel an inferior race to remain in its native habitat,” Sanger invited him to join the Board of Directors of her new American Birth Control League.



I’ve been visiting Breitbart for about a week now to see if it has anything notable — maybe some under-reported news. Unless one considers every sexual assault by an Latin American who’s in the country illegally “under-reported news,” the answer is “no, it doesn’t.”

It has the look of a a slightly-upgraded fundamentalist website railing against religious error, but it’s less coherent in substance. Anger, anger, anger — all the time.

It’s not my job to monitor the Alt-Right, and I’ve already officiously volunteered for too many things I really should just leave in God’s hands. I don’t expect to visit Breitbart any more.


I have updated an item from last Wednesday with an apology to a Roman Catholic priest who was its subject. I could not imagine why he did what he did for entirely noble reasons. Now I know.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!


Anxious times in America. There was a news story a few weeks back, “Interrupted Sleep May Lead to Alzheimer’s,” and next to it, a wine review with the line “Vivacious and well balanced, with chewy tannins and flavors of fresh red fruits.” You know and I know that a vivacious beverage will not compensate for losing your marbles. And now, driving to California, I find that I must enter a password in order to change the time zone on my laptop clock. Evidently, someone is out to mess up my schedule and my clock must be secured.

And now, a new anxiety that our history has not prepared us for, a fear that we have elected George III to the presidency and we may not survive three and a half more years of his madness. For the first time in our history, we are looking to generals to save us from democracy.

We Democrats bear some responsibility. Hillary Clinton was a symbolic candidate with a nice résumé who lacked the ability to connect with voters. This is a fatal flaw. She was almost beaten in the primaries by an elderly Vermont socialist. The party, bitterly divided, stuck to symbolism and tried to elect the First Woman President, though most women were not enthused about her. The party apparatus assumed she had to win. Who could possibly lose to an invincibly ignorant blowhard New York developer with a peroxide ducktail? As it turned out, she could.

And now we think about the man picking up the red phone instead of Twitter and ordering fire and fury like the world has never seen and the death of 10 million people. We trust the order will be disobeyed, a de facto military coup, and the man will be packed off to Walter Reed and what then?

We’ve never been here before. A fourth of the population will approve of anything the king does, including my cousin, a godly man who believes the king will safeguard Christians against a liberal elite that is out to confiscate their Bibles. On the paranoia spectrum, this is just below the fear that invisible beams from the microwave may force you to eat toilet cleaner. Evidently my cousin is not getting the uninterrupted sleep he needs.

(Garrison Keillor, We’ve Never Been Here Before)

* * * * *

Gosh! Did you see what President Donald Trump is up to today? How utterly fascinating he is! I weep with envy when I look upon Melania. He fills my every thought! He surely doesn’t need to start any more stupid wars to get my undivided attention! No siree!

There is no epistemological Switzerland. (Via Mars Hill Audio Journal Volume 134)

Some succinct standing advice on recurring themes.