Sunday, 10/30/11

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  2. 5 Myths about American Exceptionalism.
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My Saturday dance card was pretty full. Did you know that singing is work? We completed the Opera Carmen last night about 10 pm, and blogging just wasn’t a priority. However,


I have noted, but hadn’t yet mentioned, that the Washington Post website, despite it’s very interesting stable of opinion writers, is really dated and kludgy compared to New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


5 Myths about AE:

  • There Is Something Exceptional About American Exceptionalism.
  • The United States Behaves Better Than Other Nations Do.
  • America’s Success Is Due to Its Special Genius.
  • The United States Is Responsible for Most of the Good in the World.
  • God Is on Our Side.

That last one’s kind of lame, because it’s harder to make patently absurd than the others, and it tends to buttress the others in the True Believers in AE.


Back to Carmen:

(HT Carol Bennett)


Front Page of local paper, as part of a feature on West Lafayette’s Celery Bog, a Blue Heron is incorrectly identified as a Crane:

(My wife had to point it out; I would have readjusted my zoology.)

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Bon appetit!

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I also have some succinct standing advice on recurring themes. Maybe if I link to it, I’ll blog less obsessively about it.