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Tuesday, 5/20/14

Smug cluelessness of left liberalism Great Satan in flagrante delicto Ruthless reason-seekers Water is Wet, Study Finds Christian: One who tells Christ where He’s all wet.

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Monday, 5/19/14

A couple of hours to process (clip, save, share) some good stuff read over the past few months has born fruit. Continue reading

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How Orthodox don’t (and do) read scripture

All literalisms seek to rid Scripture of its mystery. The “plain sense” in the hands of a modern reader is simply the “modern sense.” And though such literalisms may yield readings that are deeply opposed to certain modern conclusions (such as … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage

Openly discussing celibacy is undesirable because marriage and sex are rites of passage. We’ve encountered people who have suggested that we just haven’t grown up, that we’re late bloomers, or that we haven’t explored our sexual potential. These people allege that … Continue reading

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Friday, 5/16/14

AFA stays the (wrong) course More on Pfizer and the Thing That Used To Be Capitalism Can “irrational” and “hateful” religion be permitted? Ecce Femme: St. Mariam the New Martyr The apocalyptic glory of God Poison Eucharist

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The celibate authors at A Queer Calling reflect on the ease with which people are “scandalized” by two females, when “people nearly always [can and do correctly] assume that [one] is a member of the LGBT community because of [her] physical appearance.”  … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 5/14/14

Pat Buchanan in a time warp 2008 Election Retrospective Red Letter folly

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Tuesday, 5/13/14

Kinda late and pretty brief – just two items. Continue reading

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Monday, 5/12/14

Religious freedom in Oregon and elsewhere Botched execution a feature, not a bug? Is a painful death evil? Well, if the NSA says it, that settles it! Carry me back … Venerable animosity

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Sunday, 5/11/14

Richard Weaver strikes out The Late, Great Outliner Apps Make the web less creepy

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