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Monday, 1/13/14

Chacun à son goût The Emperor’s New Clothes Just for fun

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Conscripted Concelebrants

Lead: Conscripted Concelibrants Also noted: Adam Again again Fishy secret religion

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Saturday 1/11/14

Christian Civilization vs. The Project of Modernity Atheist Straw Men Iran and Munich prattle

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Friday 1/10/14

Christie alternatives Unauthorized Diversity Made for Community Let’s ban one discursive inanity On “liberty” Dehistoricizing/Decontextualizing the Bible

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Thursday 1/9/14

The Last Acceptable Bigotry Coming between a woman and her doctor If terrorism is the enemy, why must we feed it? …But liars can figure Downfall of the Republic? 2,734,000 Pope Francis’ economics in historic context

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Wednesday 1/8/14

AgGag gags me Mandate mendacity Lose-Lose Foreign Policy Atheists and Satanists in the news Nadir TV: Nookie Emergencies

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Tuesday 1/7/14

New breed of chickenhawk Two Cheers for Calvinism #1 Foreign Policy Imperative Abortion distortion factor tested Things Jesus Never Dissed Lost Soul How to Invest Your Life Savings

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Pampered slaves, TED Takedown, Grudge nursing

Pampered slaves don’t go on strike TED: Middlebrow Megachurch Infotainment Nursing a grudge Heavy snow followed by brutal cold equals “emergency traffic only.” Before I get to work on what I brought home in anticipation of this, a few of … Continue reading

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Monday, 1/6/14

Baby update Redistribution and the Veil of Ignorance NYC’s most pressing problem? Rolling Stone’s admiring profile of Mary Jane Intelligentsia Lynch Mob U-U by a head, Episcopalians closing fast Subversive Orthodoxy meets the preferential option for the rich

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More on Definition versus Rights

I was starting to feel like I was pushing the limit of fair use in block-quoting Peter Sprigg Saturday, but I really am reminded how outrageous was the majority opinion and how impressive the dissenters in Massachusetts Goodrich case. The … Continue reading

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