Seeing through things

I’m not a big fan of heartwarming internet stories. In fact, when I first read this story, and again when I saw the video a while ago, my first reaction was snarky. I still haven’t wet a hanky over it:

I’m reminded that when you see through everything, you actually see nothing. If that isn’t in the Desert Fathers, maybe it should be.

Maybe the folks at Grapevine Faith Christian had mixed motives. Maybe they wanted to make a big, splashy “good witness.” Maybe they hope some day that a graduate of Gainesville State will stand in a pulpit and tell how that’s the night his life turned around, and they’ll feel a flush of pride.

So? When did I last do something from 100% pure motives (including writing this blog; am I being a spiritual exhibitionist)?

The Grapevine Faith Christian fans did something decent. Considering that status of high school football in Texas, it may have been as great an ascetical feat as going without meat, fish, wine, oil and dairy for Great Lent — as if I’ve ever succeeded at that (let alone truly intensifying my prayers throughout). They did something that made the boys from Gainesville State feel hopeful for a night — or more.

That’s a pretty good thing.

Lord have mercy on cynical wretches like me!

2 thoughts on “Seeing through things

  1. Reminds me of a quote I (re)read recently: “Joy is in the ears that hear, not in the mouth that speaks. The world has few stories glad in themselves, and we must have gay ears to defy Despite.”

  2. Yeah, even this cynic got a lump in his throat watching this. Maybe its because I worked with kids like this for years. Whatever. One cannot put a price on hope and love, even if it is mixed with impure motives.

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