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Saturday, 3/5/16

A potpourri, including some out-of-the-ordinary political (sigh!) and economic comments. Continue reading

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Chronicles of Wasted Time

Shorts inspired by this morning’s news and blogs. Continue reading

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Monday, 11/16/15

I think I inadvertently hit upon a theme in my first three items, which theme I’ll let the reader discern. If I encounter something interesting but discordant, I’ll defer it to another article. Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/24/15

A culture in love with the ability to lie to itself, the illusory middle class, the pedophile chic nose under the tent flap, Carly’s mistake, Papal Media Madness, 1 more. Continue reading

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Friday, 5/15/15

Martyrdom, persecution, complicity, the non-observance of Christ’s Ascension, a high-level Indiana RFRA post-mortem and, finally, beautiful music. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 5/13/15

This is mostly depressing. You probably shouldn’t read it. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 5/6/15

Ran out of room in my template without finding a theme, unless it’s “seeking sanity in a world gone mad.” Continue reading

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Thursday, 2/5/15

A bit late today, but I saw no reason to wait till tomorrow. A bit of satire of solemn sanctimony, two takes on Scott Walker, startling factoids about North American Christians, artistic fakery and annoying scare quotes. Continue reading

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Thursday, 1/15/15

Those who talk and those who walk the talk (for better or worse). Also a Primer on Russia and one convert’s epiphany on how he was deluded about the shape of Church. Continue reading

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Monday, 1/12/15

Asceticism, intimacy, European demographics, Kevorian, Christendom and Islam, artistic expression versus hawking commodities, Immigration…. Quite a variegated mix here. Continue reading

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