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Excited utterances

Pride cometh before a fall Cheap substitutes Theocrat Singapore? Pro Tip Rehab or the slammer? Dead men live

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Four up for Wednesday

How to cook a grass-fed steak Here’s to 10 years of repentance Blah! Blah! Blah! Vote for us! Skeet-shooting with the good china

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Two mythbusters

Reclaiming the Baby The Religion of our Founders

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Blame game, gatekeepers, crony capitalists and sinners

High trump Federal Judge fires gatekeepers Alfalfa® The gift of chastity

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Sic Semper Hubris

Not so collossal Philosopher of Love Sic Semper Hubris

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4/5 of the Stages of Grief, Nominalism (and some satire)

80% of the Stages of Grief. Morally wrong, really wrong. The Coalition that does not yet exist. Errata. A cheesy story

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Marriage, Procreation and Historical Amnesia

It has taken me somewhat by surprise that the historic connections among “marriage” coitus and procreation takes others, especially young adults, by surprise. This isn’t just young adults who are “progressive” and presumptively friendly to the cause of same-sex marriage, … Continue reading

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God Is Dead. Long Live Our Souls.

I have been fascinated to hear and read of what I’ll call “post-atheist atheists” (the kind of atheists for whom Richard Dawkins was the last straw, as Jerry Falwell  or Pat Robertson or some humbug I’ve forgotten or never heard … Continue reading

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