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The Fixer

The legal profession is experiencing one of its period beslimings. Continue reading

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Journalism in a Nutshell

Same basic story, two headlines: Comey Got Petty, Trump Took the Bait, Katherine Timpf, National Review. Donald Trump is contagious. He turned James Comey into Donald Trump. Karen Tumulty, Washington Post. I might leave it there, but I’ll attest from … Continue reading

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How Trump seduced the Evangelicals

U.S.—The vast majority of the nation’s evangelical Christians stressed Friday that they were “this close” to abandoning their support of Donald Trump as they coped with a seemingly endless string of moral scandals surrounding the president. “I swear, if 197 … Continue reading

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Neither Nor

Neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant, I nevertheless pay a lot of attention to both, because they are where the culturally significant religious action is in my homeland. Likewise, I pay attention to doings in the Republican and Democrat parties. The … Continue reading

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Evangelicalism at its best

While some big-name Evangelicals beslime themselves by worship of he-who-shall-be-unnamed, the Mere Orthodoxy lads soldier on as serious thinkers. Continue reading

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Divine Jest

In the run-up to the 2016 election, a lot of Evangelicals were grasping for Biblical analogies to cast Donald Trump as just the kind of improbable figure that the God of the Old Testament repeatedly used to fulfill His purposes, … Continue reading

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A Parent’s Letter to a Gender Clinic

I’m glad that some people with legal standing, or close to children with legal standing once regret sets in, are saying things like this: You are receiving this letter because our child is a patient at your clinic or a … Continue reading

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Optimism, pessimism, hope

I too alternate between pessimism and optimism. In my view, though, we should ignore and disregard both of these moods. We don’t know what will happen. God knows. All that matters is hope. Nothing can separate us from the love … Continue reading

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“Must-run” commentary

Earlier today, all over the world, leaders accustomed to writing their own materials stood in front of their followers and instead read a “must run” passed down to them by their bosses. Continue reading

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Indiana Senate Primary

I have said that we seem to have three Republican Senatorial hopefuls vying to out-Trump one another. But it’s getting close to decision time for me: person plans require be to vote absentee if at all, and I’ve never not … Continue reading

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