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A belated anniversary notice

My blog title change, and acknowledgement of the blog’s evolved focus, wasn’t timed this way, but this is, coincidentally, 9 years and 1 day after I began blogging here. Some things remain the same: I’m still a big fan of … Continue reading

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Saturday, 5/21/16

Such good circuses, and abundant (if toxic) bread. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 1/7/15

Papal humility Looking for hope in all the odd places Words to write by Weaponizing Leelah Alcorn Left-Right Liberal Symbiosis NYPD Blue hostile for good reason Are we pining for Weimar Russia?

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Monday, 11/10/14

Unusually political, but make no mistake: culture precedes politics. Continue reading

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Saturday, 10/4/14

“Shut up about being a burden. I love you.” is my favorite today. Another, which I thought was a backwater, is already getting attention from everyone it seems. Continue reading

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Thursday, 5/1/14

Mea culpa Prattle deconstructed Screwtape Letters as a Cartoon?! John Kerry’s heartening gaffe and non-apology “John 6.66”

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Learning from Ebeneezer

It’s the Advent season, so of course Dickens’ A Christmas Carol gets trotted out. Our Bach Chorale Singers concert Saturday was interwoven with a reading of it. I’m feeling a bit like a blog-obsessed (not money-obsessed) version of Ebeneezer Scrooge, … Continue reading

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Drinking from a firehose

I experienced yesterday three sessions of what sometimes is now referred to as “drinking from a firehose.” The first was a meeting with somebody who had a new approach to marketing my law firm’s services. I thought I had a … Continue reading

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Categories added

It must be disorienting wondering what side of the bed I got up on before blogging, so I’ve added “Attitude” categories that so far include “Intrigued,” “Jeremiad” and “Sweetness’n’Light” – sort of like MPAA movie ratings: ‘Don’t like bile? Don’t … Continue reading

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