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Populism and corruption

What Trump and the Pope have in common. Continue reading

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Making a spectacle of yourself

“Making a spectacle of yourself” has been re-branded. Continue reading

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Will Kavanaugh butcher the sacred cow?

Wherein lies the dilemma that will produce some sordid theater over the coming months? Continue reading

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The Fixer

The legal profession is experiencing one of its period beslimings. Continue reading

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Indiana Senate Primary

I have said that we seem to have three Republican Senatorial hopefuls vying to out-Trump one another. But it’s getting close to decision time for me: person plans require be to vote absentee if at all, and I’ve never not … Continue reading

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Squashing civil society & culture

Once again, I’m attending the Eighth Day Symposium, this year on the topic of “Cultivating Friendship in a Fractured Age.” One plenary speaker is Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio Journal. Today from him, one insight, starting with a greeting … Continue reading

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Signs of the times

James Howard Kunstler probably coined the term “techno-narcissism.” He definitely uses it more than anyone I know. A related term is “techno-triumphalism.” I believe he uses that, too. He definitely does not think that technology is immanentizing the eschaton. He … Continue reading

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Shelby Steele on NFL & BLM

Stanford Historian and Hoover Institute Fellow Shelby Steele has a powerful essay in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, behind a pay wall, about the feckless NFL “take the knee” protests. He also touches on Black Lives Matter. You probably can get … Continue reading

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Game, set, match

Donald J. Trump presumably needs no introduction. Jim Sciutto is, incredibly enough, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent. John Cardillo is a Trump and #MAGA buff who has a talk show or something analogous on the net. David Harsanyi is a … Continue reading

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No true conservative …

I was pondering this quote, probably just going to put it in my personal journal with a pithy remark or two: Conservatism is what conservatives think, say, and do. As conservatives change—as much through the harsh fact of death and … Continue reading

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